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Olesya was born in Ukraine in 1978 in one of the main cities of the country.  She graduated in 1995 & majored in education specializing in teaching Ukrainian and English languages.  She continued her studies & graduated from design school in 2000.  Due to the disability, she got in 1998 (cerebellar ataxia) she could not work and started to develop her creative skills with crocheting, embroidering, and making different kinds of crafts.  In 2004, she moved to California and began studying journalism.  She was a self-taught artist and then began taking lessons from a professional which significantly improved her paintings.  Olesya graduated in 2013 with an associate degree in journalism, but her strong desire to be an artist prevailed and now she paints much more than she writes articles or stories.  Her artwork has been recognized by various art galleries and with several awards in the U.S.  Her artworks have found their new homes in 12 countries around the world.

While Olesya’s art journey began in many different ways, it eventually led her to finger painting.  She feels being an artist is like being a scientist; she is always experimenting and trying to come up with unique results. This inspired her to use her own fingers as the brushes. Olesya believes that art is the reflection of God's creation and practicing it has taught her to see beauty everywhere.  Unique shapes, colors, & compositions of nature are the endless source of inspiration. Her disability does not prevent her from artistic practice though it does make it a challenge.  Olesya considers using her creativity as a special therapy.  When she paints or draws, she almost forgets about her health problems.  Creating art is the best medicine for her.   

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